Why Is TV Marriot.com Not Working? How To Fix TV Marriot Not Working Error?

TV Mariott.com is a digital online TV service available in over 1400 hotels.

TV Mariott.com is not an online streaming service in the traditional sense of the word, but lets users watch the most popular streaming providers.

You can watch YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and Crackle via TV Mariott, so you have all your popular streaming services on your travels.

Whenever you check in to some of the 1440 partner hotels, you will be able to easily sign in to TV Mariott and choose your favorite content.

However, TV Mariott may fail you at times and the online TV service won’t work properly, failing to let you sign in or watch your favorite series and movies.

This can be a frustrating scenario, especially if you are trying to relax in your hotel room with some quality content.

Why is TV Mariott not working and how to fix this problem?

Let’s see what some of the common problems why TV Mariott not working are, and how to fix these!

What is TV Mariott.com?

TV Mariott.com is an online-based digital TV that connects guests of partner hotels to their favorite streaming services.

If you are visiting one of 1440 hotels that are a part of the TV Mariott partner program, you can watch Netflix, Pandora, Crackle, and YouTube via TV Mariott.com.

TV Mariott is only a medium for streaming services for chosen hotels.

You need to have an active subscription to Netflix so you could watch this streaming service on TV Mariott.

Crackle is in the ownership of Crackle Inc, while Netflix and Pandora also have their respective companies. YouTube is in the ownership of Google Inc.

To watch TV Mariott, you will need to log in to your hotel’s Wi-Fi connection, so you would be able to use it as a free service during your stay.

Additional fees may still apply in terms of paying for subscriptions on Netflix and other premium streaming services.  

Why is TV Mariott Not Working?

If you are wondering why TV Mariott is not working, you may not be the only guest of partner hotels having troubles with this online TV service.

There is a great number of guests facing the same issue, so here are some of the most common problems:

  • TV Mariott server is down
  • You are using a wrong internet connection
  • Something is wrong with the device in your room
  • The internet cable might be loose or disconnected

You can check with the hotel management to confirm that the hotel is one of over 1440 partner hotels in the TV Mariott program.

You may also ask the management if other guests are experiencing similar problems in case TV Mariott is a supported entertainment option.

How to Fix TV Mariott Not Working Error

Once you check and diagnose the reason why TV Mariott is not working, you can check out ways to fix some of the most common problems.

The Server Might Be Down

One of the most common problems that the guests are facing is having TV Mariott servers down.

If servers are overloaded or the local server is down, you won’t be able to use TV Mariott.

There is not much you can do in this case, so the best is to find something else to do and wait till the server issue is resolved.  

Wrong Internet Connection

For TV Mariott to work, you need to check in to one of the 1440 partner hotels and use the hotel’s internet connection.

TV Mariott will only work if you have connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi and if the hotel is in the partner program.

Something is Wrong with Your Device

If you are the only guest experiencing problems with TV Mariott not working, there might be something wrong with the device in your hotel room.

Ask the management to check and fix the problem for you.

You can also ask for a different room for the same price as your stay and get a functional device with a working TV Mariott.

Check the Internet Connection

There may be something wrong with the internet connection in your room. Make sure to check the cable to see if it’s properly connected or loose.

The cable may also be damaged, so it is important to check if that is the case. If you encounter a faulty connection in your room, you can always ask the hotel management for assistance.

Can I Watch TV Mariott on My Laptop or Phone?

You can watch TV Mariott on any device in most cases. However, in case you are watching TV Mariott on your laptop or your phone, additional fees may apply.

How to Connect My TV Mariott to Wi-Fi?

If the hotel where you are staying is a part of the TV Mariott partnership network, you just need to check into the hotel.

Once you check-in, your TV Mariott service will immediately become available on your room TV device.

Check for entertainment and streaming services on the TV and find TV Mariott. There are no additional steps to connect TV Mariott to Wi-Fi as long as you are using the hotel’s internet connection.


You can only use TV Mariott if you are visiting one of the partner hotels that support this service.

If you are struggling with TV Mariott not working, make sure to check for the most common problems and fixes.

Once you check in, you can watch your favorite streaming services during your stay, and as soon as you check out, all your information will be deleted.  

If none of this works, the alternative options would be to watch your favorite tv series online for free by checking some of these sites, or try and download your favorite tv series through some of these sites.

When using these, make sure you are using a VPN though. Our recommendation goes to 911 VPN.