11 Tested & Proven Websites To Download TV Series

Trying to find the right websites for downloading TV shows for free can be quite a hard task, especially if you are a beginner, and you do not know what would actually work. 

To download some TV series, you will need a quality website that keeps its content fresh and has regular updates. 

If you are here, you have probably tried finding one on your own, however, you have ended up with a million search results, and without an idea which one would work properly. 

Nonetheless, this article contains some of the best websites for free TV series downloads, and you will be surprised by the vast choice that each of them offers. 

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YIFI TV is one of the most popular websites where you can download thousands of TV series completely for free! 

Its collection features a very vast selection of TV series, TV shows, and movies as well.

YIFI also prides itself on having the latest episodes of TV shows on its site, thanks to a large number of contributors and developers on it. 

The site also has a lot of useful filters, such as sorting by genre or year of release, making it very convenient to find what’s best for you! 

Also, most of the TV series are in HD or full HD, and you can even find some movies in 4K resolution.

Another helpful feature is the non-stop customer support that the site provides, so you can easily solve any problems you might face and you can even make a request for certain TV shows as well!

Drama Cool 9

Drama Cool 9 is considered to be one of the most long-lasting websites on the internet with an enormous collection of TV series and TV shows which can be downloaded for free.

Its simplistic interface makes it really attractive and you can easily find lots of TV series, available in all qualities and file sizes.

Drama Cool 9 faced some problems in the past in terms of unreliable torrent and magnet links, but that’s all in the past – the original domain is still standing and providing the best service you can find!

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Another great website for TV shows lovers is O2TV.  O2TV is great for keeping up with all of the newest TV series as it provides complete seasons of them and they can be easily downloaded as well.

Their variety is also quite expansive, as it features TV series from all around the world. 

Also, another great feature is that this site is mobile-friendly, therefore you’re not only restricted to watching on desktop!

Lastly, the users of this website can also be notified whenever the latest TV series is released and uploaded, making it very simple to stay up to date.

123 Movies

123 Movies is an excellent site for you to download all of your favorite TV series or shows, all for free!

This platform brings all of the newest series to stream in superb quality on their website.

The service is also mobile-friendly, which is a great feature for its users since they can watch TV series on the go.

There is nothing better when you can have access to your favorite TV shows just with one click wherever you go.

Plus, you have a variety of choices. 


If you’re a TV series buff, Popcornflix was created just for you! The site offers TV shows, series, and movies from all over the world, along with other content alike – and all of that can be accessed with just a few clicks.

It also has one of the most user-friendly interfaces, even allowing you to connect it to various different devices such as iOS, Android, Playstation, and others.

This one is one of the best and most used sites for free downloads, and it is regularly updated, meaning that users are satisfied for a reason.


Thenetnaija is one of the newer websites where you can download TV shows and series for free.

There are some key elements that stand out on this service, such as the perceptive user interface – the TV series are sorted by categories, which makes the search for series more practical.

Secondly, the service is updated quite regularly, so you can expect new episodes as soon as they come out.

Lastly, the download speed is also impeccable, thanks to the active users and seeders, making your favorite TV series accessible in no time!


Toptvshows is another great service worth mentioning where you can download all of your favorite series pretty quickly and in the best quality.

Once you enter the site, it’s really easy to navigate, since their content is greatly organized, and searching through it is effortless.

Toptvshows also gives the opportunity for its’ users to request certain TV series or shows which they cannot find available anywhere else, and (most of the time) their requests are granted!

300MB Films

If you’re looking for ways to download the latest TV series for free, 300 MB Films is a great solution for you.

This site offers stable and reliable download links which are very easily accessible and they’re rather quick with the download.

On the other hand, this service lacks with providing older TV series or shows for an unspecified reason, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on using it. 

Lastly, 300MB Films has constantly active customer support – if you face any problems, the team is there for you to fix them almost instantly.


TFTLDL is a fairly new website where you download TV series for free.

Despite not being very popular, the site has quite a collection of series, TV shows, and movies you can download.

This service has a very intuitive interface and it’s pretty easy to use, which is great for both newbies and experienced users.

You can expect a fairly decent download speed along with great quality, and you can also find some older content as well too!

The site also has non-stop customer service that can help you out anytime you need it.


Cackle is an ad-supported service where you can watch hundreds of TV series and shows alike. It has a pretty strong interface, where it categorizes titles by genre, length, or alphabetical order.

Another handy feature comes if you register on the site, you can easily save any series that you like for further notice.

On the flip side though, this service lacks in quality of the picture from the rest of its competitors – the top quality you can get is only at 480p.

To conclude, if you want to enjoy a solid library of TV series and shows and you don’t mind the quality of the picture, Cackle is an excellent choice.

Download Any Movie

Download Any Movie is one of the richest platforms on the internet where you can download  countless of your favorite TV series and TV shows – and all of that for free.

Active developers and users keep this site alive with their constant contribution to uploading new series and keeping the old ones fresh as well.

Because it’s very user-friendly, this site has a lot of traffic and you may not be able to access it sometimes – it’s even banned in some countries. 

But, there are a lot of mirror sites you can find online and you’ll be able to enjoy the content nonetheless.

Download Any Movie also has the best quality in terms of pictures, making it the perfect site for you to download your next favorite TV series!