What Is the Difference Between Website and Web Portal?

Today, almost everyone is an Internet user.

But not everyone understands this Internet terminology in its full sense correctly.

So, for example, the question of the difference between a portal and a site is in the center of discussions very often.

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So, the portal is a special case of the broader concept of “site”.

What is a Web Portal in the Internet Space

Portals are platforms with an extensive structure of useful resources, with an attractive design, easy navigation, with which you can quickly get to the desired section.

Mail, information search, news, poster, library, articles, photo and video galleries, weather and more – everything is on one service.

Such an extensive range of possibilities is available thanks to the presence of a search engine, which is a switch, like on a railway – it shows options for directions and translates (switches) to the desired site.

It offers a large selection of links to other web resources and directs the visitor to the site where he will find the information he needs.

Also a distinctive feature of the portal is the interactive part.

It engages its users in thematic forums to discuss pressing issues and exchange experiences in chats, polls, acquaintances, comments, ratings and reviews.

Why are such large-scale Internet portals created? It all depends on the purpose and needs of their owners.

This can be brand promotion, sale of goods or services, creation of a mass media, in order to influence the opinion of target consumers and increase the number of loyal target audience.

What is the Difference Between a Website and a Portal

The site, just like the Internet portal, can be filled with content. There can be a lot of materials, articles and videos.

But a regular site is still devoted to one topic.

For example, an online store sells either a certain product or the products of some company – you will not find a resource where you can buy cat food and copywriting books.

Forums are a place for communication and discussion of a specific topic.

A business card site presents basic data about an enterprise, brand or individual entrepreneur. A blog is an author’s diary.

The purpose of these resources is to provide materials in full on one specific subject.

In order to involve the visitor in reading in this way and make him stay on them as long as possible.

The Internet portal has a different purpose. Its task is to help the visitor find the answer to his question and, using links to external services, direct him to the resource he needs for the necessary information. 

An Internet portal is a platform with a complex structure and greater functions than a website.

Its main task is to help visitors navigate the large flow of information and make this process comfortable. 

To Sum Up

From all of the above, it is clear that each website has its own specific narrow specialization and is aimed at working with its target audience interested in specific information.

The task of the site owner is to provide this information and keep the visitor as long as possible.

And the Internet portal sets itself a slightly different task.

He can be called a broad-based specialist. It has all the elements inherent in regular sites, but it does not try to keep the guest.

This is a search engine that contains a large number of articles of various thematic focus, and also has an extensive link base to other sites.

This is the main difference.

The portal is an online guide to help users find the information they need or a profile site.