What Should be Included in An Employee Performance Review Software

Today, the market is filled with numerous employee performance management and review tools.

However, not all of them are worth their price. When it comes to buying the perfect employee performance review software, there are several important features that one must know about.

For example, a robust employee performance review software should be able to store and analyze SMART goals for employees, help in setting up team performance goals, and generate well-defined reports.

Any software that lacks these features is not a good choice.

Business and employee management tools have evolved a lot in the past couple of years. They have become more user-friendly, secure, easy-to-use, and reliable.

This article will discuss the seven key features of a good employee performance analysis software. Read on!

SMART Goal Setting

SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific.

Setting SMART goals for employees is one of the best techniques to boost their productivity and help them improve their work and time management skills.

Every modern-day employee performance analysis software should allow the HR or team managers to create SMART goals for each of their employees and track the results.

This will help the managers be on top of each employee’s performance, spot their shortcomings, and find ways to improve them.

It will also make the employees aware of their performance and motivate them to work harder to complete their tasks.

A Complete 360-Degree Feedback System

Another important feature that every employee performance review software should include is a robust 360-degree feedback system.

It allows everyone, from higher-level managers to peers to juniors to provide their feedback, concerns, or grievances about an employee’s work and professionalism.

A 360-degree feedback system helps in getting an unbiased assessment of the employee’s performance. It also helps your staff members in improving their skills and overcoming their shortcomings.

A performance review software will automatically collect reviews and feedback of all the individuals and display them to the respective employees, saving them time and the efforts of the manager.

Detailed Reports And Analysis

Robust and up-to-date reporting and analysis are two must-have features for employee performance analysis software.

Detailed reports allow the HR or the performance manager in getting a better understanding of the employees’ performances.

It is especially necessary in the case of large organizations where keeping track of hundreds of employees is practically impossible.

A powerful reporting and analysis system will help managers easily track team performance goals, achievements, and progresses of all their employees and departments.

It also provides them with crucial data in a bite-sized and summarized form, making their work simpler and less time-consuming.

Smart Automation

This is the age of digitization and automation.

So, if any employee performance review software can’t offer smart automation, it probably isn’t worth the cost.

Automation has become an essential feature of good employee performance analysis software.

Automation helps in saving a lot of time and effort for performance managers by taking care of manual tasks like tracking employee progress, distributing questionnaires, collecting reviews, generating reports, and more.

Employee performance review software that can offer powerful automation will not only help in boosting the employee’s productivity and enhance the organization’s performance.

Self-Assessment For Employees

Another important feature of a good employee performance review software is the self-assessment functionality for employees.

The software should provide feedback, reviews, and other performance-related data to each of the employees.

This will enable them to evaluate their performance against well-defined parameters and find ways to improve themselves.

The software should also offer ways for managers to provide project-specific reviews and ratings to offer more clarity to the employees.

In addition, employee performance analysis software should also offer features like storing and tracking KPIs.

It will help employees to stay motivated and work towards achieving their goals in a better way.

Personal Development And Training

An effective performance review tool comes with built-in templates for creating personal development and training plans for team members.

It enables managers in identifying their employee’s strengths, weaknesses, skill gaps, learning, and personal development opportunities.

Managers can then use this information to come up with an effective learning plan for the staff members.

They can log these plans into the software’s portal and can track progress.

Employees, on the other hand, will get a clear idea about what they need to do to sharpen their skills and boost their productivity.

High-quality employee performance analysis software also allows managers to integrate their Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other similar tools with it.

It will make it easier for the managers to assign training initiatives to the respective employees and monitor their results.

In case the employees are finding it hard to keep up with the training plan, the managers will have the option to revise it on the software’s portal itself.

It will not only save a lot of time but will also ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Good Customer Service

While investing in an employee performance review tool, business owners or managers should pay special attention to the kind of customer support it offers.

Getting the hand of any new software takes time, and it’s natural to have questions or face issues in the beginning.

A good customer support system takes a lot of the confusion out of the way and can help business owners in overcoming difficulties quite efficiently.

It is recommended to go for the software that offers reliable and fast 24/7 customer support services.

In this way, business owners can rest assured that their questions will be answered, and their problems will be taken care of immediately.

Bottom Line

These were the top seven features that every employee performance review software must have.

Any tool that lacks any of these features will not be able to handle and support an organization’s needs. It can also lower the company’s productivity and do more harm than good.

Organizations need to list down their requirements along with the above features and then choose an employee performance analysis software that makes the most sense to them.