The world of sports betting has changed dramatically over the past two decades and the evolution continues today. 

It wasn’t until the mid 1990s that the first internet wagers on sporting events were accepted by online betting sites. Today, wagering on sporting events, like so many other technological advances, seems to change on what seems like a daily basis.

Going from physically attending a sportsbook to place a wager to being able to do it while seated at a computer from the comfort of your own home was the first dramatic alteration in the way people got action on sporting events in many a year.

But since that fateful day, bettors demanding more action and the overall movement of society toward a need for instant gratification has taken the games we wager on into an entirely different stratosphere.

The online betting sites have listened to the demands of their customers and truly led the revolution when it comes to embracing the direction that our culture has opted to take.

Gamblers at heart and in profession, these online sports betting sites are often on the cutting edge of technology and can actually prove to be a driver of change that is ultimately embraced by all industries. For instance, online betting sites were among the first businesses to welcome cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

What should you seek from an online sports betting site? Well, that really depends on what is it that you are looking for in an online sportsbook?

Do They Offer What You Desire?

The first question any prospective customer to an online sports betting site needs to answer is what is it that you want the wagering site to deliver to you? 

If you’re a fan of the so-called big four of North American sport – hockey, baseball, football and basketball – then any site will be likely to service your needs and desires. However, if you’re more prone to betting on college sports, especially the local teams, be careful. Some betting sites won’t allow all, or in rare cases, any form of wagering on college teams situated in their home state.

Specialty or niche sports require a bit more research before signing up at a site. Yes, all sites will offer soccer wagering from around the world but if you are from somewhere else originally and want to wager on soccer matches from your homeland, be certain that the betting site offers action on the old-country soccer you seek.

Likewise, all sites will offer tennis and golf wagering. But if one of these is your favorite sport, you’ll want to sign up with a site that provides a rich menu of wagering on the various tours from around the globe.

Check Out The Technology

How intuitive and responsive is the betting site’s web page? And perhaps more importantly in today’s on-the-go society, how detailed and easy to use is the site’s mobile app? Is it compatible with your device?

Estimates are that within 5-10 years, 90 percent of all wagering will be done via a mobile device. The hottest trend is sports betting is live or in-play wagering, which is exactly what it portends to be – action on ongoing specific events in a match. For example, a soccer bettor can wager on which team will get the next corner kick, score the next goal, or be assessed the next yellow card.

If a sportsbook’s mobile app is slow to respond, that can be the difference between a winning wager and getting shut out.

Grab That Bonus

One aspect that hasn’t changed about sports betting is that all of the sites will dangle lucrative bonus offers in front of potential new customers with the objective of convincing them that this is the place where they want to bet.

Some books will offer no-deposit bonuses. Others will seek to lure in new players via a risk-free first bet. Another popular form of signup bonus is the matching deposit bonus. Sites will offer to match a percentage of a player’s first deposit in bonus funds. Sometimes that can grow as high as 100 percent.

Be wary, though. All of these bonus offers come with restrictions attached. There is likely to be play through requirements on bonus winnings before players can withdraw the funds from their accounts. There will also be maximum limits of bonus amounts and sometimes, time limits on how long a player has to meet these requirements before the bonus funds are forfeited.

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