Why do you need marketing automation for banks?

The system automates the client service: it helps to quickly process requests received from different channels (from the website, through the call center, by e-mail), collect and store information on each contact.

The accumulated data can be used both in the personal work of specialists and for general business analytics.

Increasing the efficiency of marketing

Maximize your marketing automation for banks with dashboards that help you track marketing activities and track productivity more accurately.

Work with the client in the system is carried out in accordance with the reference business processes. There is an opportunity not only to fully automate the entire process, but also to regulate it – to provide the best level of customer service.

Banking product sales pipeline

CRM system for Creatio bank will automate all stages of work with your clients – from lead generation and marketing to subsequent support and cross-selling.

The functionality of the system will allow you to regularly fill your sales funnel with Leads, monitor the efficiency of their conversion at all stages.

With the help of the business process platform, it is possible to automate the processes of the loan conveyor – registration, consideration and decision-making on a loan application.

When there is a lack of basic functionality, we connect services that are relevant to the company’s field of activity: warehouse accounting, organization of visits and measurements, online stores, document flow.

Financial Services Creatio Automated System

Creatio is a web-based platform that combines all the tools for working with clients and provides complex automation of business processes at any level.

The specialized line of Financial Services Creatio products, developed taking into account global experience, the needs of the banking sector and best practices, provides banks with the opportunity to work on reference processes and build personal communications with clients through any modern communication channels.

In the system, regardless of the selected product, the following are available:

  • A single customer base – a detailed and detailed profile of each client, segmentation, history of interaction at all stages, tools for building and implementing an effective CRM strategy.
  • Automation of all business processes of the bank – from document approval, data exchange to complex support of transactions and customer service. Modeling processes in BPMN notation.
  • Tracking metrics and visualizing data on the progress of processes.
  • Formation of a unified knowledge base – from templates, instructions and regulations to articles and their discussions

CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a program whose main purpose is to collect and analyze various data to increase business productivity.

If we consider voluminous CRM systems with functionality “for all occasions”, they will be expensive. Moreover, in addition to using the program, you will have to pay a decent amount for installing and configuring the program, as well as for staff training.