6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

There are so many different reasons why people decide to start a podcast.

It can be a useful business marketing tool, expanding your online platform and driving more traffic to your website; alternatively, maybe your reasons behind thinking about starting a podcast are targeted more towards personal fulfilment and you just want to have some decent discussions with like-minded people on a topic that you are truly passionate about.

If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, or even if you haven’t, this is your sign that you should, and the reasons why podcasting is worth investing your time into. 

Indulge and Educate

Human beings are naturally curious and active, which is why we all have our own individual hobbies and interests.

Some of us are just naturals at sports, others have an enviable artistic flare, and many people find a cause that they care about deeply.

Whatever sparks your flame and gets you excited and passionate, starting a podcast that is entirely focused on your favorite topic allows you to fully indulge in it.

You get to spend a number of hours each week literally talking about it to people that actually care.

And you are creating an effective education platform for those who want to learn more.

Cheap Start-Up Costs

All you really need to begin is some cheap recording equipment and you are good to go.

A lot of people believe you have to have a paid website and promotion to make a podcast successful, but posting your podcast to iTunes or Soundcloud is adequate to get the ball rolling and people interested in what you are talking about.

Once you’ve started to get to grips with how podcast production works, hiring out a fully equipped podcast production studio isn’t as expensive as it sounds considering they contain all the professional equipment that you could ever dream of. 

Easy Content Creation

Speaking of content, compared to creating videos, starting a podcast is an absolute breeze.

With video recording there are so many elements that you have to consider in every single shot; how you look, the sound, lighting, clothing, hair, makeup, background, the list goes on and on and on.

Creating content for a podcast is simple and easy; all you really have to worry about it the amount of background noise being picked up by the speaker.

You can build a website to direct your podcast traffic back to and develop an entire community around your podcast, but this isn’t exactly necessary when you’re just starting out.

But if you feel like having a website will really elevate your podcast, you can always use a free website builder.

Potential for Monetizing 

If you are looking for a way to make money online easily, starting a podcast could be the way that this dream becomes a reality.

Money shouldn’t be your driving factor to starting a podcast, but it could be the source of an extra little bit of income later down the line.

Just like making money from any other online media source, to be able to earn from it, you first need to a build a strong and reliable following.

This doesn’t happen overnight, which is why money shouldn’t be the initial reasoning for starting a podcast.

It can take a long time, and a considerable amount of effort to monetize your podcast, but it definitely isn’t impossible.

Connecting with People

When you create content for a podcast, it is like you are just having a chat with your audience. You are able to connect with a wide range of people that are all interested in your topic.

You create personal connections with your listeners, through comments, question and answers, allowing them to decide on which directions to take with your topic, and even bringing some of them on to your show to have a chat with.

You may also spark the interest of professionals and key players within your podcast topic, or you could reach out to them personally and invite them on to your show, furthering your knowledge and making useful connections.

Build Personal Branding

We are well and truly immersed within a digital age, and with this comes the importance of personal branding.

How you present yourself online tells people a lot about who you are as a person and can be really defining.

Producing a podcast highlights that you have technical skills, dedication and commitment.

This can open up a whole world of opportunities in terms of sponsorship, job offers and the impact of your influence in the topic. 

Producing a podcast is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you first think, and is an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling hobby to really get stuck into.