What to Expect from an Animated Explainer Video

If you’re considering an explainer video for your company, it would be a great decision indeed.

It will not only improve your online visibility, but will also boost your conversions.

Once you’ve learned about the various styles of explainer videos and have come up with some ideas, however, you may still be wondering what to expect.

There are four main things you can expect from an explainer video produced by a quality video production company.

A High-Quality Video

This might sound obvious, but if you’re looking for a great quality animated marketing video, you should seek a company that produces a high-quality video.

This is particularly important, as an explainer video is made to not only make a strong impression on your audience, but also one they won’t forget.

So if your video is high-quality, it will stand out from the competition and show what it is about your company that makes it unique.

To find out whether or not an animated explainer video company creates high-quality explainer videos, head over to their website and look at both their portfolio and sales videos.

You should be immediately impressed with their sales video. If their own sales video doesn’t impress you, they’d likely struggle to make one for you that impresses your own prospects.

Once you’re in approval of how a company presents itself, it’s time to look at their portfolio. Explore any previous work they’ve done.

Look at how they present brands and judge for yourself whether the visuals are eye-catching and give them impression that they could represent your company in a good manner.

A high-quality explainer video should combine a sharp message with great visuals.

A Fully Customizable Video

Your video should show your brand’s true spirit. That’s why it’s so important that your video is fully customizable.

The company you choose to work with should provide a video that’s tailored and customized to your brand.

Some companies use templates or animations they’ve used before for a color palette, voice-overs, and backgrounds. If you spot this in their portfolio, leave immediately, as If they’ve taken this approach with previous clients, they’ll do it with you too.

A high-quality explainer video is meant to sell your product or service, and so needs a unique voice and its own visual identity.

There needs to be no mistake that it’s yours, and it should communicate your brand’s essence throughout.

If your video looks just like every other explainer video, it won’t help you profit or help you achieve your marketing aims.

Some companies do this because they can provide a faster service at a reduced price.

They make the assumption that some customers won’t object to their videos being reshuffled from previous ones because they want to save on cost.

The problem is that your brand should have a unique identity in order to be recognizable.

Look out for companies with videos that look exactly the same, or with flat and generic messages that look like they could apply to anyone.

The best thing to do is to go with a company that offers customizable videos that suit your needs and that are focused on your target audience.

It Should Be Made By Experts

The company that produces your explainer video should have a team of experienced professionals working on it. You don’t want to be their guinea pig,

Choose a company that’s worked with big-name clients in numerous industries, as they have more experience and a greater reputation than other companies. It also means they’ve refined their process over the years.

You won’t experience any development or communication issues when working with a team of experts. They’ll also know how to meet all of the deadlines on their schedule.

Beyond Your Explainer Video

While you might only be interested in having an explainer video right now, it would be wise for you to consider it as just one part of your overall strategy.

In fact, that goes for any video you make. Video marketing is huge and is growing in popularity every day. That indicates just how effective it is.

Consider all the hours of video that’s being watched on a daily basis. A billion hours of content is being watched every day on YouTube alone.

Each of your videos should work well together in your wider video marketing strategy, helping your brand to become more recognizable.

So just make sure you choose a video production company that understands just how important an explainer video is in your wider video and general marketing strategies.