5 Best TextSheet Alternatives

TextSheet was one of the leading online education platforms that helped students answer their assignments and homework questions for free. 

There are a lot of online education sites that offer the same services as Textsheet, but they are all premium websites, which means you have to pay for them. 

The fact that Textsheet was entirely free and feature-packed made it popular among all students. 

There were millions of students logging in the site daily to meet their educational demands. 

Over the years, TextSheet grew so popular, attracting millions of students all across the world looking to get help with their homework and assignments.

You might be tempted to ask that since TextSheet was attracting millions of traffic, why is the site no longer available?  

Well you see, TextSheet was scrapped out of the internet because of copyright infringement that was levelled against it by the Chegg site. 

TextSheet used a fraudulent system of providing answers to students’ questions. It directly plagiarizes contents from other websites.

It used the Chegg API to rip off answers from the Chegg site. 

This means that TextSheet did not have unique content of its own. 

When the owners of the Chegg site noticed this copyright Infringement, they filed a case against TextSheet, and this led to the total shut down of the website. 

This has left millions of students with no other option than to start looking for other suitable alternatives. 

The challenge most students face is that most other sites are paid sites, and they can’t afford these premium sites.

If you fall under this category, you don’t have to bother yourself because in this post we will be unveiling some of the best alternatives to TextSheet that are also free. 

Top 5 Best TextSheet Alternatives 

After thorough research and based on some specific factors, we have compiled the best alternatives to TextSheet. 

Therefore, students do not need to bother about getting a suitable education platform to help them with their assignments and homework. 


This is one of the most suitable TextSheet alternatives. 

As the name implies, Coursehero helps students get the best solution and answers to all their assignments and questions. 

It is easy to use. You can use the search button to search for answers to your question. The site contains an extensive collection of study materials like documents, guides, class notes, videos, and over 35 million specific course study materials. 

Apart from having a vast study resource database, Coursehero covers different subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology, Literature and many others. 

Moreso, the site has a section that helps students prepare for exams.

Above all, the students can leverage the 24/7 homework feature for mentorship and personal coaching. The site is free.


Studylib is a top community-centred educational online library. 

It grants students access to its e-library for them to read or print worksheets, lesson plans, labs and different course materials in various fields for free.

Students also have the privilege of surfing through the trending resource materials which are grouped into different categories. 

If you are using the site for the first time, you might not be able to easily navigate through because the site is a bit complex to explore. 

Studylib uses a unique approach to educating students.

One of the main attributes that stand this site out is the Flashcard explorer which categorizes materials into groups like Science, Foreign Language, Social Science, Technology and Engineering, Mathematics, and other topics. 

Although Studylib is free, you must register before you can access the site. 


This site was specially designed to help students solve all their academic problems. 

It is an online platform that serves as an excellent TextSheet alternative. 

In addition to assisting students in accessing over 60 million books in all fields of human endeavour, CrazyForStudy also helps students answer their assignment questions by providing clear textbook solutions to all their problems. 

Apart from helping students solve course-specific questions, the site also provides a solution to problems on different subjects and fields like Math, Computer Science, Accounting, Finance, Engineering and many more areas. 

The site is popular among most Australian students and is popularly referred to as an educational diet for all students. 


SparkNotes is one of the most popular educational sites for students. It is a must-have tool that grants students access to a vast collection of materials on different subjects like Literature, Science, Biology, Math, English and many other subjects. 

SparkNotes is known for providing information to users in an organized and systematic manner compared to most prescribed textbooks and educational materials that provide information in a random and unorganized way, thus making it difficult for students to grasp and comprehend. 

The site provides concise summaries that students specifically love. 

Students can also test their level of understanding of the various subjects by quizzes at the end of each topic.

All students can leverage resources on this site to prepare for standardized examinations. 

There are relevant online resources for tests like GRE, SAT, AP and ACT subject tests. Based on personal findings, we discovered that SparkNotes offers the best resources for Literature students. 


This is another one of the alternatives we really liked, and it has lots of fantastic educational resources you can hardly find anywhere. 

Chegg offers a vast array of online courses, book rental services, course reviews and much more. 

One of the main features of this fantastic site is the “Math Solver”. 

It provides a solution to all math problems in a clear-cut step by step progression.

If you are finding difficulty solving your assignment or homework questions, especially in Mathematics, Chegg got your back. 

Although Chegg is a premium site, as a student, you can open a free account to access the educational resources. 


Plainmath was made by Ramandeep Singh, MBA in finance and financial management services, in 2013 to direct understudies through the maze of muddled mathematical questions.

Presently, Plainmath is a platform aimed to help people understand how to solve math problems by providing knowledge on different topics and examples.

They gather and set up all inexplicable numerical questions and show answers to them. Their essential objective is to advance the schooling system with clear and available samples.

They want to assemble a cordial local area that rouses students to help one another. Anybody can add to the platform and offer their insight to fellows.


With these top TextSheet alternatives, your days of struggling with your assignment and homework questions are over. 

We are fully convinced that with these sites we have compiled, it will be super easy for you to choose the one that best suits your educational needs and demands. 

Ensure that you use these sites judiciously.