8 Pros And Cons Of TV And Search Advertising

Advertising is essential for any business, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise.

You can get many benefits from advertising, such as exposure of your new products or services, generating and nurturing organic leads into customers, and keeping your business at the top of the competition.

However, before you start a marketing campaign, you need to plan and strategize how to execute it carefully.  

There are different types of advertising, such as TV and search advertising.

Depending on the type of business you operate and the advertising goals, you can choose one among the two or even run advertising campaigns on the two platforms.

Comparing TV and search advertising concerning audience reach, cost, and convenience to your target audience helps you invest wisely in your marketing efforts.

To help you gain more understanding of the two channels of marketing, this article gives you an in-depth comparison of search and TV advertising.  

TV Advertising 

This form of advertising has been around for nearly a century now. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising 

Pros Of TV Advertising 

Has Extensive Reach 

Advertising on this platform definitely will expose your products and services to a wide audience.

If your target audience is the older generation, forty years and above, leveraging TV advertising would be money well invested.

You need to be strategic on the time of the day you want your ads aired.

Advertising when it’s time for news would be better because many people are watching their television.  

Combines Sight And Sound 

The senses of sight and sound are always effective in creating a good memory for your audience.

A well-crafted advert can capture the attention of your prospects into getting to know your new product or service.

As a result, ensure that your advert can easily be understood and is unique from other products in the market, especially with your adopted color themes.  

Cons Of TV Advertising 

It’s Expensive 

Many people tend to shun advertising on television because of the associated high costs.

For instance, an advert that’s 30-sec long can cost you up to about USD$340,000.

This is relatively very expensive, especially if you own a small business or if your business is a startup.

As a result, your competitors who have that big budget end up getting the exposure while your business doesn’t.  

Difficult To Correct Errors 

Once your advert has been premiered, you have no opportunity to correct it, unlike with the print media.

Correcting an error may mean that you shoot another advert and pay the advertising costs again, which ends up digging into your budget more.  

Search Advertising  

Search advertising refers to using digital marketing strategies such as Google ads that appear once your customers search on search engines using certain keywords.

Read below the advantages and disadvantages of search advertising. 

Pros Of Search Advertising 

search advertising

Reaches A Wide Audience 

Since Google Ads are used on the internet, they can easily be seen by many people who are searching for information online.

Additionally, the number of people who own smartphones grows daily, which improves the chances of your ads being seen.

A single advert has the potential of being seen worldwide as people can share it on social media and websites.  

Targeted Marketing Is Possible 

With Google ads, it’s possible to market your products and services to specific target customers.

The use of AI in search engines can gather the demographics of your customers and ensure that your ads appear to the right people.

In addition, you can do geospatial advertising, where you limit the region you want your ads to be displayed on search results.  

Cons Of Search Advertising 

High Competition 

For every search result, the spaces of ads that should appear are always limited.

Moreover, if you don’t follow Google’s guidelines, your ads end up receiving a poor ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), which leads to poor visibility of your products.

In addition, to rank high for ads, you may have to do paid search marketing which might be costly to your business.  

People Tend To Ignore Ads 

In most cases, people avoid clicking on ads for fear that they’re spammy or may lead them to unsecure places that might be a cybersecurity threat to their businesses.

Some ads may expose one to hackers or even malware.

Avoidance of ads may thus lead to low organic leads to your website, which translates to low sales.  

Wrapping Up 

Marketing, whether on TV or through search advertising, is the doorway to the good exposure of your products and leveling up your business revenues.

However, before deciding which adverting media you should use, thoroughly analyze the two options to know which one meets your needs.

This article precisely gives you the pros and cons of the two options to help you in your decision-making.