Complete Web Automation using ACCELQ

ACCELQ is a cloud-based codeless test automation and management platform powered by AI. It is a powerful tool with various automation products. I

t is a codeless automation solution to automate the web, Desktop, Package Apps, API automation, Mobile automation, also a next-generation manual testing tool with amazing features. So let us explore what ACCELQ has to offer us when it comes to Web automation. 

Before deep-diving into how ACCELQ will ease web automation seamlessly, let us understand what is web automation?

What is Web Automation?

Web automation means to allow software tools or robots to perform tasks, actions, and various other processes on the web-based browser or application without a single hint of human interference. 

Among the actions that can be automated are:

  • Forms and fields to fill out
  • Content from a web page is scraped.
  • Data extraction and transmission across applications
  • Button and element clicks

Now let us see how ACCELQ can help us to perform Web-based automation with ease. 

Features of ACCELQ Web Automate:

  1. Easiest and most sustainable way to automate web and API testing
  • All aspects of the Quality Lifecycle are automated, from Test Design to Test Planning and Execution.
  • Ensures a design-first approach with modularity built-in; Custom frameworks aren’t required.
  • CI ready, scalable, and secure for your organisation.
  • Enables manual testers and business analysts to automate without the need for programming.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem of tools such as Jira, TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, and others.
  • Allows for in-sprint automation with a virtualized abstraction for functional testing, which is a first in the industry.
  1. Execute, Debug & Track – Intuitive & Fast
  • 1 Cloud or on-premise labs with cross-browser cross-platform executions
  • For rapid turnarounds, two parallel executions are supported.
  • Runs can be planned, repeated, or triggered by a continuous integration workflow.
  • Reruns are triggered by dynamic live results views with actionable reports.
  • Email notifications and more to fit into your workflow and help you make rapid decisions
  1.  Smart Test Management With Automated Test Planning:
  • Asset management for tests and built-in traceability to meet requirements
  • Automated Test Planning is driven by ACCELQ’s app universe and analytic-based algorithms, ensuring coverage.
  • Maintenance and upkeep costs are drastically reduced when test assets have consistent referential integrity.
  • Change impact analysis and alert management are automated.
  1. ACCELQ Automates Test Design Maximizing Coverage & Reusability
  • While creating Application blueprints, universe-driven visual test design keeps the business in focus.
  • Embedded frameworks offer modularity, allowing for faster development and less maintenance.
  • Create test scenarios based on path analysis and predictive analytics.
  • To maximise coverage with auto test creation, model UI and data flows are considered.
  1. Simple & Fast to Develop Yet Powerful & Flexible
  • Natural language automation backed by AI and a next-generation recorder
  • Allow the entire team to automate, by it is quick and low-maintenance.
  • No coding is required, regardless of how complicated or dynamic your application is.
  • Data permutations aided by AI Test cases are generated automatically, ensuring complete coverage.
  • Using business semantics, capture the structure of test data. Ensure that data abstraction is applied uniformly across all test cases.
  • Manage data values from a centralized spot so that test assets aren’t tied to real-world data.
  • Easily handle many test data versions that are suitable for various test execution contexts.
  • Robust automation is made possible by powerful and clever element capturing technologies.
  • Without programming difficulties, easily expand to support newer technology and customized controls.