Google My Business Importance for Family Law Firms

Family law firms need to have a strong presence on Google My Business. 

An attorney can help you through your legal battle and support you when making decisions that affect the happiness of your children.

However, if your firm does not have a good online reputation on Google My Business, customers will not find you and might hire another lawyer instead.

This makes it important to create a strong Google My Business profile that includes information about your firm’s family law practice.

To get your law firm to have a successful online presence, you have to adapt to new marketing strategies to make a significant impact. 

One great approach is Google My Business (GMB) posts because they help improve people’s chances of discovering you when searching for services unique to your business.

GMB posts give website visitors a quick snapshot of exactly what your company offers and whether you can help them so they can go from a curious browser to a potential customer.

You can read more to learn how it works.

What is Google My Business?

When people search online for specific keywords, the search results will typically pop up a map with three listings beside it.

These are called GMB listings, and they normally have a profile for the business packed with details and contact information.

Typically, there is an area where customers can leave reviews.

The GMB listing will have information about a business that informs browsers of what it can provide. 

Unique Features of GMB

GMB has a large number of unique features that can be used to your advantage.

In addition to a category description, reviews, and your business address, there are many other tools.

You can also add a Q&A section, photos, attributes, and GMB insights. 

Mobile Listing

Many people browse and make purchases online using their mobile devices. To date, the convenience of mobile online browsing is increasing in popularity.

GMB caters to this demographic of people and optimizes your listing for mobile devices such as cellphones, tablets, and iPads.

If someone is trying to find you while on the go, they can pull up your information, see if you fit their needs, and give you a call. 

Local Finder

You can target a local area to heighten your chances of conversion. It is much easier to get leads from a local area compared to an entire state.

The main reason is that your services are more relevant to the local area because you understand your community’s preferences on a deeper level.

Additionally, it is more convenient for clients to meet you when you live close to them.

Because locals can find you with less difficulty, this helps enhance your online authority through local SEO.

Your ranking can increase on Google, whereas your statewide ranking may be low due to more competition. 

Clio Integration 

You can integrate the Clio Scheduler to your Google business linking.

This syncs Clio’s appointment booking tool to your business listing and helps leads convert even sooner.

It is convenient for online visitors to set up an appointment so you can contact them to see if you are a good fit for them. 

Google Posts 

You can help potential customers get more information on essential topics through Google My Business Posts.

These are micro-blogs that share information to help your customers learn something new and decide what service they need. 

Other Reasons Google My Business Is Useful For Law Firms

Google My Business has vast implications for helping you to improve your online presence.

These tools are designed to make it easier for potential customers to find you and help you get the word out about your family law firm.