What Are The Technologies Used In Developing A Travel Portal Application?

Over the past decades, tourism has undergone major changes associated with the travel software development and development of scientific and technological progress. These are various information technologies that are related to the processing and transmission of information.

Multimedia technology

These include various directories and reference books. In them you can find detailed data on countries, routes, hotels. Also, the catalogs provide information on the rules of behavior in extreme situations and the correct execution of documents. Clients get the opportunity to plan a tour, taking into account prices, discounts, season, transport.

Another modern information technology in tourism is virtual travel and excursions. Viewers get the opportunity to explore the sights and museums before actually visiting them. 

Benefits of multimedia presentations:

  1. efficient provision of tourism services and goods;
  2. facilitating contact with employees of the company;
  3. vivid memories of the company.

Electronic catalogs for tourism are actively used both in Russia and abroad. Here is some of them:

  • Air Travel Planner;
  • Flight Guide;
  • Hotel Guide.

Electronic commerce

The essence of this technology is making a purchase at home in real time. This became possible thanks to the Internet and electronic means of payment. The creation of a virtual travel agency allows you to expand the geography of sales and attract additional clientele.

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Benefits of e-commerce for travel companies:

  • Availability of feedback;
  • Mastering new sales channels for the product;
  • Mobile and technological exchange of information with partners and clients;
  • Reducing the time for transferring funds;
  • Reduction in financial costs.

Benefits of e-sales for customers:

  • The ability to compare prices and conditions of different companies;
  • Prompt access to information;
  • Receiving bonuses and additional discounts for online booking.


The innovation combines the capabilities of e-mail, backup and computer systems. For example, in England, the Prestel system is used, supported by British Telecom.

Almost 90% of travel agencies actively use it.  The system provides the following data:

  • offers from airlines, hotels, ferries, railway lines, tour operators;
  • travel information;
  • latest changes and news in all directions.

Booking systems

One of the most important information technologies in the field of tourism is global booking systems. They allow you to select the desired hotel, room type for specific dates. After the request has been booked, a confirmation email is sent immediately. They are used by more than eight hundred thousand travel agencies around the world.

Here is a list of some of them:

1.  Amadeus;

2.  Saber;

3.  Worldspan;

4.  Galileo;

5.  Sirena-Travel.

Benefits of using:

  • Reduction in time costs;
  • Improving the quality of services;
  • Increased productivity.


At first it was only a European reservation system, but over time it made a breakthrough and entered the American market. This service provides access to the resources of hotels, airlines, ferry and rail transportation, insurance companies. It is used by several thousand travel agencies around the world.


  • Control of all mutual settlements;
  • Flexible system administration;
  • The presence of a convenient and multifunctional interface;
  • High stability, regardless of the amount of processed data;
  • Automatic import of any reservation.


  • Availability of access to confidential fares of the largest airlines for their clients;
  • Own database of airline fares;
  • Sending information directly from the system.