USB-C Is the Perfect Notebook Dock

There is virtually no other industry in which technology has advanced as quickly as it has with computers.

While the devices could previously fill entire rooms, even the smartphones in our trouser pockets are now very powerful.

In addition to increased performance, people’s requirements have also changed constantly.

However, the ports have always played an important role as a connection to the outside world. There has been a lot of change here too.

From bulky ports with screws for locking and a single function, we have now ended up with ever thinner connections that can do more and more at once.

This saves different cables, space, and nerves. In recent years, one connection has particularly stood out: the USB C HDMI Hub.

Practically speaking, USB-C can do everything a computer could need.

The interface can hang USB devices in the system, output an image signal via DisplayPort, audio signals are also possible, as is Ethernet – and all of this at the same time.

In addition, 100 watts of electricity is also possible via Power Delivery. You can use it to charge a notebook without any problems.

A real all-rounder, because thanks to USB-C you actually don’t need any other port on the notebook.

This makes the connection ideal as the Best USB C Dock for MacBook Pro to operate notebook stationery with an external monitor and devices such as a keyboard and to charge it at the same time.

Since the standard is open, the docks and hubs are also very cheap. But there are a few pitfalls and details to watch out for.

In this article, we have put together everything there is to know about USB C HDMI Hub for notebooks.

Docks: an Expensive Alternative, Preferable for MacBooks:

Another possibility is docked that has several models. They also use the USB-C connection but have a decisive advantage.

Docking station sets very high standards.

While the USB Implementers Forum has massively softened the USB-C port, docking stations are always a “maximum variant”.

Both the notebooks and the accessories must be certified, but can then also be guaranteed to do what the standard prescribes.

Docking station can always control two 4K screens, and also requires at least one 4K screen.

This works much better with the MacBooks in particular than with normal USB-C docks and ports.

Of course, Windows notebooks with a port also benefit from it. As a Mac user with demands such as the use of 4K screens, you should always think about a dock.

The only downside: the docks are expensive.

While docks equipped with USB-C technology are available for less than $50, docks almost always cost over $100.

Whether laptop docking station with USB C or laptop docking station universal: For those who have never used a docking station for laptops or want to know more about it, we now answer important questions on this topic.

You can read the answers and our tips here:

What Is the Use of a Docking Station?

A laptop USB C Hub HDMI Ethernet is there so that you can connect and power your laptop to many other devices and monitors. This prevents the individual cables from lying in a tangle on your desk and causing clutter.

Can I Fold a Laptop On The Docking Station?

Many people ask: can I close the laptop despite the docking station? Since many laptops then go into sleep mode or shut down, it doesn’t always make sense.

If other devices are connected or data is being transferred, this process would normally be interrupted.

You should therefore close the laptop on the docking station as soon as it is no longer needed by the other devices.

Are There Laptop Docking Stations For Two Monitors?

There is also a laptop docking station for two screens.

This is particularly useful in everyday life, when playing on the PC and when doing office work.

This means that you can use the DVI and HDMI ports, for example.

An alternative is a USB to HDMI adapter. You can also connect the monitors together or share the monitor’s image.

It is important that the laptop docking station is suitable for using the DVI and HDMI ports at the same time. It must also be a laptop docking station for screens.

Is There an Official Laptop Docking Station Review?

Whether laptop docking station, Lenovo laptop docking station, or laptop docking station: If you would like more information on specific models or brands, you can take a look at laptop docking station reviews on the internet.

The institute only reported docking stations for smartphones.

You should therefore use our table from the comparison of laptop docking stations as a guide.

The laptop docking station test winners presented their score with very good quality and many advantages over other models. So, find the best laptop docking station 2021 for you.