Why Is Facebook Dating Unavailable – Quick & Easy Fixes

Facebook Dating is a space on one of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to find and meet people who share their interests.

Facebook Dating allows people to match and connect with other users based on the interests they share, easily and simply.

If you already have an account, setting up a Facebook Dating profile should be easy as your dating profile becomes a part of your Facebook app.

But what if you can’t access Facebook Dating? Why is Facebook Dating unavailable and how to quickly fix it?

What Is Facebook Dating?

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms with over 2.91 billion active accounts recorded in 2021.

That means that nearly a third of the global population is using Facebook worldwide.

It is not a secret that Facebook has been long used by people to find dates and match with people, and since 2019, Facebook users can enjoy Facebook Dating as a part of their favorite app.

Facebook Dating is a space within the Facebook app that allows people to match with and meet people who share their interests.

You can match with people via groups based on your common interests, or you can find events that you are interested in and meet up with people who may be your next date.

Your conversations and your Facebook dating profile won’t be shared with others on Facebook so other users outside of the dating space won’t even know that you are using the Facebook Dating app.

Everything you need to start dating and create your Facebook Dating profile is already on the Facebook app.  

How Facebook Dating Works?

Facebook Dating launched in 2019 in the US with new updates released in 2021 to accommodate Covid-19 dating with virtual dates as a part of the dating app.

Facebook Dating is a part of your Facebook profile, but your friends won’t be able to see that you are using Facebook Dating.

What makes Facebook Dating handy is the fact that you will receive all notifications and messages sent via your Dating profile straight to your Facebook app, just like it would be the case with Facebook Newsfeed and Notifications.

You don’t need to create your profile from scratch as your basic data and information provided through the Facebook app will be copied to your Facebook Dating profile – information like your education, name, age, gender, and your residency.

However, you can tweak your profile and add more info if you like.

You can’t access your Dating app via desktop as it is only available on iPhone and Android devices, but you can easily access Facebook Dating via shortcuts on your Facebook app.

You can also search for Facebook Dating via the search bar. Once you successfully add the Dating app, all the features will automatically become accessible via your Facebook app shortcuts.

You can edit all your info via the Dating app and present yourself differently than you would to your friends and family. You can change your:

  • Job
  • Location
  • School info

You can change your name and age because this info needs to match your Facebook profile for verification purposes.

Next, you will need to answer a prompt presented by Facebook dating, and the answers will be visible on your dating profile.

The prompt includes questions regarding:

  • TV shows you like
  • Best dating advice you can share
  • Your personality type
  • What you are looking for in a partner
  • A social cause you care about
  • Your favorite time of the day
  • Where would you live if you could pick a place anywhere in the world
  • The best thing you can cook

The prompt also contains questions like whether you want to have kids, your height, and other personal questions.

You can always change your answers in Settings when and if you feel like it.

Facebook Dating app has “Ideal Match” features, which allows users to find their best matches based on their interests, preferences, and the works of Facebook’s matching algorithm.

You can update your “Ideal Match” preferences in Settings any time and specify elements such as:

  • How far does your match lives
  • Height
  • Beliefs
  • Languages spoken

There is more basic info that you can add to your Ideal Match, while you can also specify if any of the elements and characteristics is a strong preference.

Once you are all set up, Facebook Dating will help you find strong connections based on your interests, events you attended, groups, and other preferences on your profile.

You can also update your location in case you are commuting between several locations so that you can find perfect matches in more than one location.

Facebook also added a feature called “Lucky Pick” which presents prospective matches that are outside of your interest specifications and that might be great matches despite.

You can also use the feature of virtual dating and audio dating without ever leaving the application.

Why Don’t I Have Facebook Dating?

There are three common reasons why Facebook Dating is not available or accessible via your Facebook app:

  • You are younger than 18
  • You live outside the US
  • Your Facebook app needs to be updated

Facebook Dating is currently available only for users whose locations are within the borders of the United States, so if you are not a US citizen, the chances that you won’t be able to use the app as you can’t find Facebook Dating in shortcuts or via the search bar.

In case you are older than 18 and live in the US, it may be the case that your Facebook app is not updated.

Once you update your Facebook, you can gain access to Facebook Dating and start matching with other users.    

How To Get Facebook Dating?

Even if you do not meet all the criteria that would grant you access to Facebook Dating, you can still get access to Facebook’s dating app.

How to get Facebook Dating? Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient solutions.  

Wait For Facebook to Enable This Feature in Your Country

If you don’t live in the US, you can’t access Facebook Dating as the dating space by Facebook is currently only available to US residents.

However, you can always wait for Facebook to roll out the dating feature in your country and enable access to Facebook Dating.

Until then, you can settle with other dating apps, or use a VPN to change your location.

Use a VPN To Change Your Account Location

There is a great number of VPN service providers that can help you overcome the location limitation.

All you need to do is pick a VPN provider that matches your preferences in terms of price and functionalities and install it on your device.

You can change your location to the US via VPN, which will reflect on your Facebook account as well.

Enable Facebook Dating in Your Settings

You may have Facebook Dating available on your Facebook app without even knowing.

You can search for Facebook Dating via the search bar or look it up in Shortcuts on your Facebook app.

If you have access to Facebook Dating the app will be visible in shortcuts.

Update Your Facebook App

One of the most common reasons why you don’t have access to Facebook Dating is the outdated Facebook app.

You can update your Facebook application via Android or iPhone, and Facebook Dating should become instantly visible in Shortcuts within the app.

You can start using Facebook Dating as soon as you update your Facebook app if you are in the US or using VPN to change your location.

You also need to be older than 18.

If your profile states that you are underaged, Facebook Dating won’t be accessible to you.

What Are the Current User Experiences – Is This Feature Worth Your Time?

User reviews are somewhat mixed when it comes to the Facebook Dating app.

While some users enjoy the app and its accessibility through the Facebook app, others don’t have a positive experience with Facebook Dating.

Some users claim that Facebook is pushing its Dating app to conduct more excessive ad-targeting disguised into matchmaking space.

What should be noted is that Facebook Dating is the first app of its kind, given the fact that it is a matchmaking app that is a part of an existing social media platform.

That means that all the info you’ve been feeding Facebook during your time on the network will be used to match you with dating profiles that share your likes, interests, groups, and other preferences.

Some users that are used to Tinder left and right swiping, find Facebook Dating to be more difficult to use, while the idea behind Facebook Dating with no swiping is to allow daters to invest more time in getting to know their potential matches by looking into their profile.

According to user reviews, there is a solid number of profiles that are fake and used for scamming.