What is a Star on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the top messaging apps used in both iPhone and Android devices. 

It’s used to share or send videos or photos to friends and family. 

The videos or pictures shared on the app expires after a short time. One of the best parts of using this app is the fact that it doesn’t demand or occupy much space on your device. 

Unlike other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, which consume much space on your device, Snapchat automatically deletes everything you share after some time, hence you will always have space to share more stuff.

Snapchat is straightforward to use and operate. It allows you to share photos, texts, videos, and lots more with your friends, loved ones, mates and relatives. It is a fantastic app and comes with exciting features.

The app was initially developed in the year of 2011. with just person to person snap sharing feature but later transformed to feature stories that stay for 24 hours. 

There are currently 187 million active users who use Snapchat daily. It has grown to be one of the most widely used social media apps that focuses on user-friendly interacting stickers and objects.

Most Snapchat users do not fully understand what the star represents. In this post, we will talk more about what the star on Snapchat represents.

What Does a Star Mean on Snapchat? 

The star icon on snapchat can mean any of the following:

Favourite Contact

You will notice that although you have many contacts on your phonebook, only a few fall into the category of your favourite contact list. 

This is the same case with your snapchat contacts—the set of contacts you frequently share your snaps with come under your favourite list. 

Snapchat automatically monitors your activities with other snapchat users and marks the contacts you regularly interact with as your favourites with a star symbol near their name.

The star appears when your friends view your snaps many times.

You get to receive a yellow star for any of your snaps viewed by your friends many times. People mostly have a habit of viewing photos or videos they like many times. If you open your Snapchat and see a contact that is not on your favorite list with a yellow star near their name, it simply means the person has viewed your snap many times.

The star appears when you reply on your snaps

Each time you post a snap on your snap chat, your friend can respond to it within 24 hours before it disappears. If any of your contacts reply, a star icon will appear close to the person’s name. The star means the person viewed your recent post.


Each time you see a star icon close to the name of your snap chat friends, you should automatically know that there may be three reasons why the star might have appeared. 

You must know how to differentiate each case scenario so that you don’t run into confusion.