How To Watch Free Bootleg Movies?

In this post, we are going to be talking about bootleg movies.

If you want to know more about how to watch your favorite bootleg movies for free, then I will advise you to keep reading until the end. 

The method of watching TV shows, series and free bootleg movies have changed.

In the past, when a newly released TV show is airing, once you miss any of the seasons or episodes, you will not be able to watch it again until the film is released in CD or DVD format. 

These days you don’t necessarily need to panic even when you miss episodes of any TV show you are following. 

There are different ways to watch bootleg movies for free, but one of the most suitable ways is through file sharing sites.

The sites mentioned in this post will grant you access to all your favorite TV shows and movies at the tip of your finger. 

More so, they also display newly released movies currently running in cinemas; therefore, you can save the money you desire to spend in the cinema to watch the new release. 

The most interesting thing about these sites is that you can use them FOR FREE even without sharing any of your details. 

It’s the same case as for best websites to download TV series, which allow for completely free use without any registration.

But before we get into that, let’s dive a bit deeper into what bootleg movies are, and how you can watch them, without getting into any sort of trouble.

What Are Bootleg Movies?

Bootleg movie is considered a camera recorded copy of a film. Cam recordings are essentially unique and do not represent duplicated content, unlike the DVD rip.

However, that doesn’t make them entirely legal. Making a cam copy of a film is unauthorized, and no individual has a right to create cam copies, share or sell them.

Even though this sounds quite bad, people have been doing it for ages. There are anecdotes of Thomas Edison showing bootlegged copies of a movie called ‘A Trip To The Moon’.

But I still want to point out that making cam copies of a movie, as well as watching free bootleg movies is considered illegal and unethical. This is, of course, the case if you are not using some of the free legal streaming options, which we will be mentioning in our content below.

In any other case, you definitely should be looking to avoid doing this, unless you absolutely don’t have any other means of obtaining a legal copy of a movie to watch.

Without any further ado, here is the list of the best sites you can use to watch your favorite bootleg movies for free. 


SnagFilms is a fantastic website with a vast collection of TV shows and movies. It has a friendly user interface that will keep you visiting the site over and over again. 

There are currently about 2,000 movies, documentaries, short comedies and TV shows seasons and episodes. 

All the video content is intelligently arranged according to genres so that you can easily access the one that suits you. 

One fantastic thing about SnagFilms is that you can watch all their video content in HD with registering. 

Watching bootleg movies on the site is free, but you can choose to log in with your Google or Facebook account, if you choose to do so.

This will give you a privilege of creating your watch-list where you can add movies you want to watch later. 

The SnagFilms App is also available for Android and iOS. Therefore, you can stream your favorite movies, even without a laptop or a PC. 

Tubi TV 

This is one of the best places to watch bootleg movies online for free. It is entirely legal, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law, when opting out to choose

It currently has a collection of over 60,000+ video content in different genres like Adventure, Horror, Action, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Documentary, and many others. 

One key attribute that separates Tubi Tv from the rest, is the fact that it has some fantastic categories you can’t find on Rotten Tomatoes or Netflix. 

This invariably means that is a den for top-rated TV shows and movies. 

It is a reputable website and has many certified partners like MGM Studios, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Starz and Time Inc., therefore, all movies produced by each of these studios will be displayed here. 

How Is Tubi Free?

Tubi has introduced a monetization model – one that is quite different from most streaming platforms these days. They do not offer a subscription model – therefore all of the content is free and accessible to everyone.

However, they have included ads, and that’s how they are able to keep their platform up and running. Even though most people are not big fans of watching ads, we can safely say that Tubi has less ads than average cable channel.


Whether it’s free bootleg movies, documentaries or the latest TV shows you are looking for, you will find them all on Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a partner with Screen Media Ventures LLC – the largest distributor of motion pictures.

This means you will get access to all the movies released by the studio on this website. 

There are over 2000 pieces arranged under genres like Thriller, Action, Drama, Horror, New Arrivals, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Popcornflix original etc. 

The video content on this site is updated every day, so it is one of the most suitable sites to watch the latest TV shows and movies.

Popcornflix is also available on Android and iOS devices for a better user experience.

Since they are a partner of one of the biggest movie distributors, they are considered entirely safe and legal. There’s no subscription required for you to watch any of the Popcornflix content.

However, it does come with ads, which can be annoying, but it’s a small price to pay to watch bootleg movies.


This is one of the leading free online streaming sites maintained by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

It has an extensive collection of movies and TV series in high resolution.

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It is free, but you are required to create a free account before you can access all the video content.

Do not panic when ads pop up when you are streaming movies. 

This is not unusual considering it is a free site.

If you try to remove the ads using any ad blocker, you will ultimately lose the privilege of watching free movies on the site.

However, you can try using a service like TV to have a perfect streaming experience. 

The movies are well-arranged under genres such as Adventure, Action, Horror, Romance, Family, Sci-Fi and many more. 

One thing you must note about Crackle is that it is restricted to some specific countries.

The workaround is to simply use a quality and reliable VPN that can bypass these restrictions. This is also a completely legal practice, so our recommendation goes to installing a ProtonVPN, a cheap and reliable VPN provider.

Top Documentary Films

If you are a fan of documentary movies, then you will love Top Documentary Films.

It has a vast collection of films arranged in genres like Conspiracy, Military & War, Nature, Health, Environment, History, Drugs, Crime, Health and others. 

TDF is considered a curator of movies – meaning, this website doesn’t actually host or produces any motion picture content. What they are doing is they are finding movies that are free and legal in different communities, and on other video streaming websites (like YouTube or Vimeo).

Before you start watching any movie for free, there is a detailed description of the video to help you decide whether you want to watch the film or not.

There is also search icon which allows you to search for any movie you desire to watch easily. 

Film quality is decent – you get to watch videos in 720p. All movies come with readily available English subtitles.

There’s a big selection of more than 3,000 documentary movies curated over the last 15 years – free to watch, with no ads. Enjoy!


This is another excellent place to watch free online bootleg movies. You can also view your favorite TV shows for free.

Unfortunately, Fmovies is one of those places that do not abide by the law – meaning they are experiencing a ton of issues due to breaking copyright laws.

They have the latest selection of movies and TV shows – and their database is updated every day.

However, our advice is to minimize or completely avoid using illegal services like Fmovies. And if you absolutely have no other means to watch a movie you want – please, make sure you are using a VPN so you can stay safe and protected.

Due to copyright issues, they regularly change their URL. So if you visit their website, and you run into a 404 page, you can just google Fmovies, and you are likely to find the latest URL that they moved to.

The site is fairly easy to navigate, and you can browse content by looking at genres, countries or simply by using a Search button in the navigation menu.

It has a huge selection of TV shows and movies arranged in different genres like Action, Romance, Adventure, Thriller, Comedy, Mystery, Horror, and many more.

You can get more information about each film like the movie summary, duration, genres, rating and casting when you click on the movie description.


Flixtor is another streaming website that offers the latest selection of bootleg movies and TV shows for free!

However, as you could’ve guessed, this website is breaking copyright laws, so the same set of recommendations apply here, as well.

Flixtor has been around the block for quite some time – according to some statistics, they are averaging 6 figure visitors a day!

Flixtor also has a VIP program.

If you decide to join the VIP program, you will have special treatment. Here are the benefits of the VIP program:

  • Access to all content in 1080p, instead of 720p.
  • Option to download all videos.
  • Use Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay.
  • No ads.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get arrested for owning bootleg movies?

It is highly unlikely you would ever get arrested for the illegal possession of a movie copy – however, you should know that it’s a possibility, and you should completely avoid having it.

Unfortunately, no. Even if you have watched the movie in a movie theater or through a legal streaming platform, this is still considered copyright infringement.

By using any illegal site for free movies, you are still enabling piracy.

How can I watch movies for free?

By going to any free legal streaming platform (we have covered few of these above), you can watch ton of content entirely free, while not breaking a law.

You can also use some of the illegal sites that have a bigger selection of movies with no ads – but in such cases, we fully advise using a VPN to remain under the radar.

Wrapping Up

Things have been made a lot easier these days.

Therefore, you do not need to bother yourself if you don’t have the resources to go to cinemas or theatres to watch your favorite newly released TV shows and movies.

You can easily get the bootleg movies for free online using any of these sites mentioned above.

However, make sure you are install and download 911 VPN to have a safe and secure streaming experience.