What Is The Role Of A Copywriter?

Consumers make it a habit to search for answers online before availing products and services to ensure they get the best value for their money.

For this reason, business owners and entrepreneurs need copywriters to help them build their online presence.

Copywriting is an important part of digital and content marketing.

But what is the role of a copywriter?

How can a copywriter help you with sales and marketing?

Find out the answers to these questions by reading below.  

Copywriters Are Beyond Advertising Experts 

Not all copywriters are considered advertising copywriters.

However, advertising copywriters are the most popular. In copywriting, the choice of a niche also applies.

For instance, medical copywriters handle medical topics. On the other hand, technical copywriters create unique content (not plagiarized & duplicate content) for technical specifications. 

In this article, the term copywriter refers to an advertising copywriter.

Copywriters are professional writers responsible for writing a copy or text used in listings, promotional materials, and marketing campaigns. 

Copywriters Write To Get People Take Action 

This article explains that while content writers write web content pieces to inform, copywriters write to get online users to take action.

These user actions, such as signing up on a website, subscribing to a newsletter, or adding more items in their shopping cart, are essential to online advertising and acquiring organic traffic. 

That’s why good copywriting is important for business.

Here are some of the usual tasks of copywriters: 

  • Copywriters write, proofread, research, edit, interview, and manage projects.  
  • Copywriters help plan and implement digital marketing campaigns. 
  • One thing that binds copywriters together is that they work with words every day. 
  • Copywriters also spend time researching, tweaking, thinking, formatting, and performing other peripheral tasks. 

Copywriters Write A Broad Range Of Content Pieces 

Every website or blog site has goals to achieve.

Business owners want to build their web presence using relevant content and increase sales using compelling copies for business owners.

Besides writing the features and benefits of a product or service, copywriters are competent in writing different copies for various marketing campaigns. 

So, what type of content pieces do copywriters write? Copywriters write many types of things, such as the following: 

  • Blog posts 
  • White papers 
  • Emails  
  • Social media posts  
  • Case studies  
  • Website copy 
  • Industry reports 

Copywriters Are Content Marketing Strategists 

SEO Copywriting Business team hands at work with financial reports and a laptop

One difference between content writers and copywriters is the primary purpose of writing.

Content writers create unique article pieces to generate organic traffic, whereas copywriters write mainly to increase conversions and sales. But if you employ a studiohawk SEO copywriter, they can not only create content that increase conversions and sales, but also do well in search engines.

Copywriters need to create a good content marketing strategy to reach expected sales results.

Here are some of the content marketing strategies copywriters do: 

  • Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) to rank web pages for advertising purposes, using the right keywords, links, and content
  • Using clear and short headlines to make them attractive
  • Using power words or emotional words that makes a mark on the reader’s mind 
  • Using simple language that users easily understand  
  • Segmenting content based on the customer journey 

Copywriters Are Client Advocates 

While copywriters adjust to various roles and tasks with great versatility, every copywriter is unique with their voice, secondary to their client.

A copywriter adapts to the tone and writing style of the client (entrepreneur and business).

Copywriters ask questions to fully understand and immerse themselves in their client’s voices to properly complete the project.

With their help, business owners can: 

  • Attain their sales and marketing objectives 
  • Incorporate compelling pieces across different platforms
  • Boost offline marketing strategies with digital ones

Copywriters Are Consumer Advocates  

While copywriters write for their clients, they’re advocates to general consumers too. That’s why copywritten pieces appeal to the masses.

Copywriters understand their client’s target audience’s needs and want, putting themselves in their shoes or showing empathy. In this way, they can help their clients build more loyal customers that also become brand advocates

As consumer advocates, copywriters:

  • Drive consumers to take action based on the compelling content pieces they’ve written  
  • Encourage social media users to share the content or copy with their family and friends 
  • Provide relevant information that can genuinely help resolve consumer problems based on their client’s products and services  
  • Write from the consumer’s point of view 


As you can see, copywriters play a crucial role in building a business’s online presence. They can create compelling copies across digital channels.

Copywriters are more than advertising experts because they primarily work to get consumers to take action. Copywriters are client advocates and content marketing strategists.

They help marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners attain their sales and marketing goals with copies that resonate with the target consumer.